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How can you do makeup to get Smokey’s eyes?

Eyes are the one main thing which will make you attractive in a place. When you are moving out for a party during that time you will have to wear makeup then you will have to focus on your eye. The eye makeup should be related to the costume that you wear. Smokey eyes will make you look different among the crowd. There are some of the tips to do smokey eyes and to know about them you can make use of this article and go through accordingly.


The liner of the eye is very important because that is the only one that will drift the look of your eye. The liner will give an ending to your eye as well as it will help you make coatings over it as like a margin.

focus on your eye


The powder is the one that will have to be dusted around the eye region so that the smokey effect can be got.


The main thing in which you have to concentrate is on the brush which will blend. The purest form of smokey can be brought only when they are been smoothened with the help of the brush.

On account of getting smokey eyes with makeup is not a simple task you will have to do them with proper care so that the result will also be in the best way. If you do not know how to apply them then you can get help from the expert who has good experience in it.

Final thoughts

When you are planning to have a smokey eye you have known about the formula of it. In addition to that the most important point to be considered is you have to buy a classy product to obtain the best result.